Music in the Air: The Artistry of Thereminist, Juliet Shaw – Volume 1 is the first collection of Juliet Shaw’s archived music ever to be released. This first volume contains over an hour of music, accompanied by a 23-page booklet containing photos, extensive notes on each track and information about the compositions Juliet Shaw is playing.

Music in the Air and the booklet comes to you as a digital download. It was our hope to release a CD as well, however, the funds necessary to produce it and print the booklet have yet to be raised. But that should never stop us from enjoying the music here and now!

The earliest piece found so far is track 16, dating from October of 1939. It’s one of the most unusual selections she ever recorded, and you are the first people in over 80 years – aside from Sandra (Juliet’s daughter) and myself – to hear it. For that matter, apart from Summertime, you’re the first people to hear any of the music in this collection.

About the recordings: All of the recordings varied in quality due to factors like the medium (78rpm vinyl, audio cassette, and reel-to-reel tapes), their age, conditions under which they were recorded, etc. To provide you with the best audio possible, Volume 1 of this collection comes to you as WAV files. Depending upon your internet speed, the download could take several minutes.

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Music in the Air
The Artistry of Thereminist, Juliet Shaw – Volume 1

DAMN!!! This is amazing, easily the most important theremin release in decades, and an utter revelation. THANK YOU!!! I’m just in awe, and absolutely cannot WAIT for more!

Awesome, thank you so much! Lovely!

So great! Just looking at the booklet I get a sense of how much work went into this. I’m listening to “Summertime” as we speak. She’s legit! I’ll spread the word.

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