Until now, if, while doing an internet search, one typed in the name, “Juliet Shaw,” you’d be confronted with dozens of people and websites, none of which lead to Juliet Shaw the thereminist, pianist and teacher. However, type in “Juliet Shaw Theremin” and you’d see entries for her Silvermine School of Music. A scant few other entries would come up:

On the Thereminvox web site appears an article that is essentially a reprint of a newspaper article in The Bridgeport Sunday Post, from November 20, 1938, She Plucks Music Out of Air.

An article on the Thereminworld web site, dated January 4, 2016, entitled Rare Leon Theremin Soloist Custom Theremin For Sale, describes in detail the few theremins that were hand-built by Lev Termen. In the middle of the article there appears this segment:

“This is one of only two instruments that he made with the speaker section built-in to the lower section of the podium (all others, including those by RCA, having separate speaker cabinets). One was made for a soloist named Juliet Shaw and at this time, still privately owned…”

And that was pretty much it with the exception of a few newspaper articles from decades ago that have been posted. The upshot is that if the name Juliet Shaw was unknown to you, or if you knew the name but failed to add the word “thereminist” in your search it would be next to impossible to find any reference to her at all.

Now it’s time for Juliet Shaw’s Legacy to be discovered by thereminists, theremin enthusiasts, electronic musicians and lovers of electronic music.